Villa Hidalgo Yalalag (Sierra Norte), Oaxaca.

The artistic roots of Oaxaca are very deep and vital, intertwining and reaching even primordial human expressions such as clay pottery, weaving with natural fibers, and stone or wood carving. Descending from this ancient heritage is Remigio Mestas, a weaver and promoter of Oaxacan textiles as well as textiles from other regions of Mexico.

Originally from Villa Hidalgo Yalalag, located in the Sierra Norte region of the state of Oaxaca (a region known, like all others in this southern Mexican state, for its extensive production of woven garments on backstrap looms and hand-embroidery), Remigio Mestas learned the textile craft of his community from a young age. Later, when he migrated to the city of Oaxaca, he discovered the appeal that these garments had for visitors to his mother’s artisanal store.

In this way, Remigio, now a textile specialist and perhaps the most knowledgeable expert in Oaxacan textiles, turned the art of weaving into his passion and life purpose, elevating it to the exceptional levels for which he is now recognized. He particularly excels in reviving textile finesse, promoting and selling textiles, and organizing weavers from indigenous communities.

With almost half a century of experience, Master Remigio Mestas has brought techniques, materials, and looms to various states in Mexico and countries around the world, dignifiedly spreading the artisanal heritage of Oaxaca. He has also succeeded in enriching local textiles and reviving a craft that modernity was condemning to oblivion.


He is also the founder of several artisanal textile stores in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico City, and San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Additionally, he is a driving force behind indigenous weaving groups, including “Hermanos de Hebras” (Brothers of Threads), who have found a new way of living in their ancestral craft, thus preserving the diversity of native cultures. Undoubtedly, Remigio Mestas’ contribution to the revaluation of Oaxacan artisanal textiles has been decisive.

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