Origen Textil

Oaxaca Centro, Oaxaca.

Origen Textil was born out of resistance against the massive, fast-paced, and valueless consumerism of FAST FASHION. The workshop is located in the state of Oaxaca.

It is a space for textile art and design, characterized by an integral aesthetic and elements that define the workshop. It encompasses different areas such as weaving, cutting, sewing, dyeing, textile experimentation, and a store, fostering interaction between the producer and the customer.


We focus on the production, research, and experimentation of textiles and artisanal techniques.

ORIGEN TEXTIL is also a clothing line that sets trends, and we consider it essential to radically transform the textile industry by offering artisanal products and excellent customer service to those who make purchases from the comfort of their homes.

It represents a new way of making clothes, focused on preserving textile traditions, returning to our origins, respecting the environment, ensuring fair treatment, and improving the quality of life for our collaborators.

The workshop implements a circular design and a zero-waste policy.

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