Santa María del Tule, Oaxaca

Founded in 2006, Mexchic creates objects with integrity, hovering in the realm of conceptual and artistic, designed and produced in-house with textiles hand-made by Mexchic and only the most talented Mexican artisans, using centuries old techniques. Collectable works seeped in Mexican tradition while also contemporary and personal.

Mexchic’s collections are research-based which merge designer Christina Hattler’s aesthetics, love of archeology, anthropology and textiles with her personal experiences from having lived and worked in Mexico for over 16 years.

Christina studied Fashion Design at Pratt Art Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Through the aughts, she wrote restaurant reviews at an early internet start up on South Beach, learned about the world of interior design at House & Garden Magazine Conde Nast, 4 Times Square while also hand-making one-of-a-kind dresses created from repurposed vintage and antique textiles. She currently lives and works in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico, runs Mexchic and her personal fiber & textile research/art project Christina Hattler Studio

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