Gallery specialized in contemporary artistic and artisanal manifestations of Mexico. A curatorial approach that preserves and expands upon traditional mythologies and anthropology. Storytelling through nomadic collections, forever joined by their birthplace.

MANO is a platform that exposes international audiences to the diversity of contemporary art and design produced in Mexico, and connects the Mexican-American community with our motherland. Our doors are open to our community, and to anyone who is interested in exploring our heritage as we create a unique space for great Mexican artists to be seen and the next generation to emerge.



On the banks of the opposite shore, the charming canine figure with pointed ears and brown fur glides along, the goddess of dusk, the evening star of darkness, the underworld, and death.

On the earthly plane, the Xoloitzcuintle, a consecrated dog, reveals itself as a loyal companion to humans, among the living as well as among the deceased. When the sun and the moon made their first appearance in the sky, the Xoloitzcuintle concealed itself among the cornfields, thus marking the continuous path in the search for the eternal rest of the soul and the descent into the underworld. On this journey, a faithful companion awaits on the riverbank to assist in crossing the mighty currents, leaving behind the wandering spirits that blend with the wind. The lord of dusk, however, never embarks on his own journey.